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Heard on the Hill: Is Davis Selling Out? Perhaps …

Now that Rep. Artur Davis is headed out of public service, the Alabama Democrat freely admits he hopes to make a ton of cash in the private sector.

Davis, who after losing a bid for Alabama governor announced he’ll leave politics completely at the end of his term, recently told reporters that he hopes to find work at a D.C. law firm after leaving Congress, although he says he wants to get back to trial work instead of lobbying.

The Harvard-educated lawyer says he has no interest in working for any of the law firms in his home state, nor does he want to start a firm of his own. He’s tried that before, and he says it’s too much work.

Davis also says he’s not interested in an administration post either, arguing that it’s tough to live in Washington, D.C., on a mere $100,000-a-year government salary.

She’s Not Above Public Transportation

After reporting from war zones all over the world, news anchor Christiane Amanpour isn’t afraid of much — not even the notorious D.C. bus system.

An HOH spy found the “This Week” anchor riding the Circulator to work Wednesday morning. Dressed in tan pants and a cardigan, D.C.’s newest celebrity even stood up for much of the trip.

We hear this isn’t Amanpour’s first trip on the bus, either. Our spy also spotted the journalist riding the Circulator last week, recalling she even asked other riders for directions to the ABC studios.

While the Circulator may not be the fanciest mode of transportation, we bet it feels like a limo after Amanpour’s years of globe-trotting through war zones.


HOH knows that helping lost (and often poorly dressed) tourists find their way around Capitol Hill can be annoying for Congressional staffers. But take note: Even Senators do their part to make visitors feel welcome during their stay.

An HOH spy saw Sen. Ted Kaufman giving directions to a family of tourists outside the Russell Senate Office Building on Wednesday morning. The Delaware Democrat should know his way around Capitol Hill, considering he worked as a Senate staffer for decades.

Along with being helpful, Kaufman is also considered among the chamber’s most laid-back Members. Another HOH spy eyed him a few weeks back in the self-checkout line at the downtown Safeway, and he’s also been spotted riding the Metro.

Landrieu’s Relaxed Night Out

No fancy steak and lobster dinners for Sen. Mary Landrieu — it seems the Louisiana Democrat is happy just nibbling on a few sliders.

An HOH spy eyed Landrieu on the patio at the Barracks Row restaurant Matchbox on Tuesday evening. Landrieu was with her husband, Frank, and a niece, and she was seen munching on a plate of the restaurant’s beloved mini-burgers.

“Matchbox is a Landrieu family favorite,” a spokesman tells HOH.

Treasure … or Trash?

Start sorting through your attic (we’re looking at you, Smithsonian National Museum of American History): The popular PBS show “Antiques Roadshow” is coming to town.

Appraisers will be on hand at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center later this month to tell Washingtonians which of their prized possessions are worth a pretty penny and which are just taking up space. Show appraisers will be examining everything from historical documents to political artifacts.

It won’t be the first time that the show has featured D.C.-centric objects; past finds include a circa 1857 Congressional chair and desk (valued at a whopping $40,000) and the chair used by John Quincy Adams during his tenure in the House.

“I’m certain we’ll see a lot of political historical stuff,” says supervising producer Sam Farrell, although he notes the show is interested in a lot more than some Senator’s old desk. “We expect to see all sorts of family items and treasures completely unconnected to Congress.”

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