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Candidates for Kirk’s Seat Start TV Campaigns

Democrat Dan Seals launched his first TV ad Friday in northern Illinois’ 10th district.

The 30-second cable spot reintroduces the three-time Congressional candidate to voters and doesn’t mention Republican nominee Robert Dold.

The ad combines video of Seals talking about what he wants to do in Congress between a narrator reading quotes from local newspapers.

“I’m going to bring our deficits down and strengthen our economy,” Seals says as the narrator describes his work as a former director at GE Capital.

Dold started airing his first ad Monday, also on cable.

It, too, is an introductory ad. It doesn’t mention Seals but emphasizes the first-time candidate’s business experience.

“I was born and raised in the 10th District. I run a business here. And I believe Washington is taking us in the wrong direction,” Dold says as video of the Republican campaigning plays.

In 2006 and 2008, Seals opposed Republican Rep. Mark Kirk for the 10th district seat, but Kirk is running for Senate this year.

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