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Franken’s Condo Hit by BB or Pebble, Police Say

Early news reports that a gunshot was fired through a second-story window at Sen. Al Franken’s condo in Minneapolis were false.

After leaving town for several days last weekend, the Minnesota Democrat and his wife returned home to find a hole in an upstairs windowpane, according to Marc Kimball, Franken’s Minneapolis communication coordinator.

But according to Sgt. William Palmer, public information officer at the Minneapolis Police Department, the hole was too small for a bullet to pass through. More likely, Palmer said, a pebble or BB pellet, neither of which is classified as firearm ammunition, penetrated the house.

No one was home when the incident occurred, and Franken’s wife reported it to the police Tuesday. Kimball said nothing else was damaged. He refused to confirm whether the window was part of Franken’s master bedroom or whether police believe the incident to be an attempt on the Senator’s life.

Kimball said this is the first time something of this nature has occurred at Franken’s condo. The Minneapolis Police Department and the Capitol Police are collaborating in the ongoing investigation.