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We aren’t sure whether Rep. John Hall plays the ponies, but we do know he can sell them.

In the New York Democrat’s financial disclosure forms filed earlier this month, the Congressman discloses that he sold his Selle Francais show horse back in February 2009 for a price of $1,001 to $15,000. According to the form, “The horse was injured and subsequently sold at a loss.”

Hall had owned the horse for investment purposes for about six years, the document notes.

Although Hall sold the horse, HOH hears the animal has since been put out to pasture. The horse no longer competes at shows and is living a happy, healthy life in retirement, a source says.

Look Out for Grenades

Looking to take a little shore leave during the last days of the Congressional recess? Then head over to Dupont Circle, where local hamburger chain BGR the Burger Joint is serving up the Snooki Burger as its September Burger of the Month.

The “Jersey Shore”-inspired dish, which launches Sept. 1, will feature a beef patty, grilled jalapenos, cream cheese and a fried pickle. BGR promises the burger will be served “a little spicy and a little charred.”

As fans of the MTV reality show know, pickles are a favorite dish of “Jersey Shore” cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. And because the burger is named after the pint-sized reality star, the restaurant will add a fried pickle to the burger each time she’s arrested. (The first is for her disorderly conduct arrest in July.)

Overheard on the Hill

“If we do win, I’m going to have to give up Hollywood for three years.”

Levi Johnston, the off-again ex-boyfriend of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, on how his run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, is affecting his career as a celebrity D-lister. While Johnston focuses his attention on politics, his former flame just landed a role on “Dancing With the Stars.”

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