California: Bera Ad Targets Lungren’s Pension

Posted September 14, 2010 at 7:20pm

With early voting beginning in three weeks, Democrat Ami Bera launched his first TV ad in his quest to oust Republican Rep. Dan Lungren.

The ad, described by a source as “sizable,” hits Lungren, a former state attorney general now in his second stint in Congress, for “double dipping” in taxpayer money by accepting both a Congressional salary and a pension from the state. It also knocks Lungren for accepting a 25 percent pay raise just before leaving the attorney general’s office, which increased his annual pension.

“Dan Lungren,” the announcer says in the spot, “spiking his pension, raising his pay and ‘plagued by ethics issues.’ Heard enough?”

The race is one of only a handful of California’s 53 districts considered competitive. Bera is a physician, and Lungren is running for what would be his ninth term in Congress overall. He previously spent five terms representing a Southern California district and has represented the Sacramento-area 3rd district since 2004.