Illinois: Halvorson’s First Ad Hits Kinzinger on Jobs

Posted September 14, 2010 at 7:20pm

In her first ad of the general election, Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D) targets her Republican opponent, former McLean County board member Adam Kinzinger, for his support of a tax break that the ad says would ship jobs overseas.

“Politician Adam Kinzinger says one of his main goals is more trade agreements, deals that ship our jobs overseas,” a narrator begins the ad.

Then it cuts to three workers who lost their jobs at the General Electric plant in Bloomington when it closed. They talk about their work experience and chastise Kinzinger for their lost jobs.

The broadcast ad is running in the expensive Chicago media market. It follows a report in Hotline On Call that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is cutting back on cable buys in that market.

“We’ve been working with the DCCC for quite a while now,” Halvorson Communications Director Anthony DeAngelo said. “Their commitment to this race is unwavering, and we don’t expect that to change for the next 49 days.”

Kinzinger is on cable in Chicago with a biographical ad that touts his experience as a county official and as an Iraq War veteran.