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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Just Like Reel Life

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, television viewers are getting overwhelmed with campaign ads. Because we’re TV junkies, many of the ads remind us of those faux campaign videos featured on shows when high school-aged characters run for student government. We’ve picked out a few favorites below; e-mail yours to

He Doesn’t Even Know Who His Real Father Is

On the canceled-too-soon classic “Arrested Development,” George Oscar “Gob” Bluth creates a nasty campaign video for nephew George Michael Bluth, who is running for class president. The video alleges Bluth’s popular opponent, Steve Holt, isn’t fit for office because he has never met his dad. (As “Arrested” fans know, Gob is actually Holt’s father, adding another hilarious twist.) But Gob’s plan backfires when Holt wins the day by admitting in his own campaign video that he doesn’t know his real dad — “Don’t desert me like my father did, and I won’t desert you” — he says. Holt wins overwhelmingly, especially after footage of George Michael practicing his “Star Wars” moves is accidentally shown to the entire school.

America Is Zack Morris Country

Back when the lovable Zack Morris ran for class president on “Saved by the Bell,” he had his buddy Screech Powers create a totally awesome campaign video. Featuring unauthorized cameos by former President George H.W. Bush, Madonna, Fidel Castro and Mikhail Gorbachev — whose words are translated as if they are telling the United Nations that “Zack Morris can bring peace” — the video touts Morris’s preppy good looks and willingness to help Bayside High School’s “downtrodden” nerd population. Morris doesn’t end up becoming class president, though — his friend Jessie Spano does, and she remains president for the rest of the series.

Bran the Man

In an early episode of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” popular blond bombshell Kelly Taylor manages wholesome Brandon Walsh’s campaign for class president. Taylor recruits geeky David Silver to create Walsh’s snazzy campaign video, which is nothing more than clips of the candidate looking oh-so-dreamy while surfing, playing basketball and hanging out with his dad. In the end, Brandon is too good of a soul for politics — he drops out of the race when he realizes his nerdy, unpopular opponent is the better man for the job. (The campaign video comes in around the nine-minute mark; most of the rest features twin sister Brenda Walsh being characteristically overdramatic about something or another.)

A Leader Who Dares to Say, “Hey, I’m Average”

On ABC’s TGIF classic “Boy Meets World,” lead character Cory Matthews runs for class president, and best buddy/overenthusiastic campaign manager Shawn Hunter produces his campaign video, which promotes the candidate’s lazy, er, laid-back style. Matthews mingles with classmates easily, until he runs into future wife Topanga Lawrence, who asks him serious questions about student life. (The campaign video starts at 3:33.)

A Dog Who Won’t Chew My Hot Wheels

OK, so this item isn’t exclusively about a class president race. But there have been so many campaign spoofs on “The Simpsons” over the two decades that it has been on the air, it’s impossible not to include a few on this list. Here are two: One supports lovable loser Ralph Wiggum, who runs for president of the United States, and the other features C. Montgomery Burns meeting with his shady campaign team during his gubernatorial run. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the clip online of Burns’s classic campaign ad, famous for its “Only a moron wouldn’t cast his vote for Monty Burns” slogan.

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