Whoops, Part Two: Tea Party List Included GOPers Who Didn’t Win

Posted November 12, 2010 at 3:18pm

Four Republicans not expected to win a seat in Congress were included on a list of incoming freshmen whom the Tea Party Patriots urged its supporters to call and e-mail in a solicitation released on Friday.

The group included the home phone numbers and personal e-mail addresses of the sizable GOP freshman class, whom it invited to an orientation event it is hosting in Washington, D.C., this weekend. It wants the freshmen to attend its event instead of one hosted at the same time by the Claremont Institute.

Problem is, four Republicans on the list have either conceded or are currently trailing a Democrat who has claimed victory. They include Jesse Kelly (already conceded in Arizona’s 8th district), Andy Barr (expected to concede Friday in Kentucky’s 6th district), Andy Vidak (trails in California’s 20th district) and David Harmer (trails in California’s 11th district).

Whether they make it to Capitol Hill or not, their personal contact information is now available to the public.