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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Political Strategery for the Stars

It seems that more celebrities than ever have infiltrated Capitol Hill in recent years, lobbying on causes ranging from genocide to psoriasis. And if you think many of them are doing it for the do-gooder attention, well, you’re probably right.

More celebrities than ever before are hiring advisers to help them sharply focus their charitable efforts, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times. While some might generally care about a particular issue, others do it, at least in part, to help their image.

“Hiring advisors is a national trend among wealthy donors of all stripes, but in Hollywood, it may also reflect a particular desire to be associated with the sort of serious activism that has transformed brethren like Angelina Jolie and Bono from mere entertainers to global power players,” Times reporter Harriet Ryan writes.

Another reason: Sometimes a star has screwed up in the charitable work department.

“We do a lot of redos,” Marc Pollick, president of the Giving Back Fund, tells the Times. “People put their mothers, fathers, brothers, French poodles in charge of their organizations simply because it is a job for someone in their entourage … and the foundation is floundering.”

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