Report: Cash Missing From Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s Campaign Account

Posted November 16, 2010 at 9:55am

Federal authorities are investigating the disappearance of several hundred thousand dollars from Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s (R-N.J.) campaign account, according to a report posted on

LoBiondo’s attorney acknowledged having referred the matter to federal authorities.

“The LoBiondo campaign recently became aware of an issue involving a former campaign worker,” attorney William McGinley confirmed in a statement to Roll Call Politics. “The campaign has contacted the appropriate federal authorities and is actively cooperating with their investigation. For this reason, we will not comment further on this matter at this time.”

More details from the Politicker story:

This summer, LoBiondo campaign treasurer Andrew McCrosson was replaced by CPA Doug Heun, who filed the final reports for the campaign.  Heun also amended the campaigns July quarterly report.  The amended report showed nearly $300,000 less in campaign receipts and $416,000 less in total expenditures than the report filed by McCrosson, though the cash on hand amount remained virtually the same at just over $1.1 million.  Its unknown if the amended report has anything to do with the missing funds.