Heard on the Hill: Marino Staffer Is Fashion Forward

Posted January 14, 2011 at 4:50pm

There’s a traditional path for how one advances a career in politics: Toil as an intern, get a low-level office job in a Member’s office, maybe work on a political campaign.

But for Lachelle Gretzula, the road was far more stylish.

Gretzula was recently named deputy political director for the campaign of freshman Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.).

She’ll do so in her capacity as an employee for JDM Consultants, an engineering and government relations firm based in Pennsylvania. 

But her résumé is unique for a political aide: She spent three years as a display coordinator with uber hip clothing chain Anthropologie.

Maybe Gretzula will make Marino the most fashionable guy on the Hill?

Gretzula says the transition from retail to politics suits her. She worked for Anthropologie in California, designing the trendy store’s elaborate displays, but she moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. She landed a design gig at JDM, but she soon fell into doing administrative work alongside the firm’s vice president, Jason Fitzgerald.

When Fitzgerald was picked to be political director for the new campaign (he also helped run Marino’s 2010 effort), he hired Gretzula to assist him with things such as fundraising, budgeting and administrative tasks.

She’s a good fit, he says.

“It’s nice because she has a genuine interest in not only helping the Congressman, but she has a genuine interest in people,” Fitzgerald says. “It’s refreshing.”