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Poll: More Voters Say Boehner’s Crying Is Strength

More Ohio voters find Speaker John Boehner’s tendency to cry in public a strength rather than a weakness, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday.

According to the survey, conducted Jan. 12-17, 36 percent of those polled see Boehner’s crying as a strength, while 27 percent believe it is a weakness. Another 37 percent did not know enough to answer.

Boehner, sworn in as Speaker Jan. 5, has cried in public several times in recent weeks, including during last week’s floor tributes to the Arizona shooting victims and on a recent “60 Minutes” interview.

The Ohio Republican had an overall favorability with home-state voters of 27 percent, compared with 18 percent who had an unfavorable opinion of him and 54 percent who hadn’t heard enough about the Speaker to answer.

“That’s not hugely surprising since even in their own states members of Congress are not very well known outside their own districts,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Still, Boehner has strong popularity among Republicans: 54 percent of those polled approve of him, while 6 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of independents found him favorable.

The poll surveyed 1,299 registered voters. It has a margin of error 2.7 points. The poll was conducted on landlines and cell phones.