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Tea Party Creates Own Magazine to Reflect Movement’s Values

The tea party movement, known for its regular attacks on the media, is formally joining the media business.

Activists have created a magazine, Tea Party Review, to be launched this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“This magazine is a response to demands from tea party members across the country for a magazine that we can call our own,” said Katrina Pierson, a member of the Dallas Tea Party and the magazine’s national grass-roots director. “People are weary of the distorted version of the tea party movement that we see in most of the media. Tea party members want a magazine for the movement, created by members of the movement and reflecting the values of the movement.”

The magazine will be led by Editor Steven Allen, a Washington, D.C.-based writer, who is described on the publication’s website as having “37 years’ experience as a journalist, as a radio news director, newspaper reporter and columnist, and magazine editor.”

Allen’s LinkedIn profile, however, offers little specific work experience related to journalism. Instead, it lists a career in politics and policy dating back to August 1981 when he served as press secretary for then-Sen. Jeremiah Denton (R-Ala.). Allen subsequently worked for the Progress & Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank founded by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). And he produces a comic strip known as “The Gentleman from Lickskillet.”

It’s unclear if it’s the same comic strip, but the first edition of the new magazine will feature a comic strip “about a tea party Congressman dealing with the Red Chinese,” according to Pierson, adding that other first-edition topics include tea party lobbying, foreign policy, big-business political corruption and “methods to which the tea party movement can appeal to Latino immigrants.”

“Tea Party Review follows in a long tradition of movement-oriented publications. Throughout American history, successful movements — abolitionists, women’s suffragists, the civil rights movement, the conservative movement, etc. — all had their own print publications,” Pierson continued in the press release announcing the creation of the new magazine.

“Tea Party Review gives all Tea Party members and groups the opportunity to be heard by all, to communicate ideas, create initiatives, share information on best practices, and define the movement’s principles and platform,” she said. “This magazine will ensure the integrity and sustainability of the movement, and bring together Tea Party members who are interested not only in making a statement but in making a real change.”

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