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New Marshall Ad Hits Amodei Before Early Voting (VIDEO)

Kate Marshall is launching a new TV ad this week, as early voting in Nevada’s 2nd district special election begins Saturday.

The Democrat’s new ad, obtained by Roll Call, will be released Monday and will run for at least a week. It is a strong buy at about 1,000 points, Roll Call has learned.

It calls out Republican Mark Amodei for the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “false” ads against Marshall and stretches beyond the campaign’s continued assault on Amodei for supporting a $1 billion tax increase in the state Senate.

“Mark Amodei’s friends’ attacks on Kate Marshall forced off the air for being false, flat-out lies,” the ad’s announcer says. “The truth: Amodei is a, ‘poster child for conflict of interest,’ lobbying while a legislator, hiding his unethical financial relationship with a judge. And while Nevada struggles, Amodei votes himself a pay raise.”

The NRCC has so far spent some $345,000 on TV advertising, stepping in to ensure the party does not lose another competitive special election. The NRCC has highlighted Marshall’s political party by tying her to Democratic leadership in Washington, D.C., and attacked her record as state treasurer, a record she has continued to tout.

Early voting in the rural district will be open for two weeks, followed by the Sept. 13 election. Amodei is favored to hold the seat, which opened when Republican Dean Heller was appointed to the Senate, thanks to the district’s 30,000 GOP voter registration advantage and history of never electing a Democrat to Congress.

Watch the ad:

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