Talk Radio Host Moves Toward House Bid in Georgia

Posted August 25, 2011 at 11:34am

Conservative talk radio host Martha Zoller is moving toward a run for Congress in what is likely to be Georgia’s newest Congressional district.

Zoller told Roll Call on Thursday that she is seriously considering a bid in what is likely to be the Hall County-anchored 9th Congressional district.

“We’ll be making an announcement, one way or another, in a couple of weeks,” she said.

The Georgia Legislature released a draft Congressional map Monday, which puts the extra district allotted to the state by reapportionment in the northeastern part of the state. With slight tweaks, it is expected to pass both the state House and the state Senate and be signed into law by Republican Gov. Nathan Deal in the next few weeks.

The district, as drawn in the draft map, is exceedingly Republican and is unlikely to be competitive.
Zoller, a Gainesville resident who hosts a three-hour morning talk show that can be heard on 13 Peach State radio stations, said she considers herself a tea party conservative.

“I’ve been a fiscal conservative my whole career,” she said. “I’ve criticized Clinton budgets, Bush budgets and Obama budgets.”

Republicans in the state say she is likely to face state Rep. Doug Collins, among others, in the primary. If she runs, Zoller said she expects her outside-the-establishment background to be a key asset.  

“I believe the tea party people that have been elected to Congress have represented their districts well and they need reinforcements,” Zoller said. “That’s why I’m considering this” run.