Heard on the Hill: Perry Attracts Comic Attention

Posted October 21, 2011 at 2:15pm

Sarah Silverman will be putting on quite a show pretty soon.

Come Nov. 1, the comedian will perform her show “Niggerhead: Stripping the Paint Off Of Good Ol’ Fashioned Racism” in Austin, Texas, with her funny folk friends Suli McCullough, Tig Notaro, Ian Edwards, Dwayne Kennedy and W Kamau Bell, Entertainment Weekly reported Friday.

The title references the camp that GOP presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry has visited several times with his good buddies and supporters. At one point, the name of the campground “Niggerhead” was painted across a rock. (Dude. What.)

“The show’s provocative name holds a mirror up to an ugliness that seems to have become yesterday’s news without having barely even made news,” Silverman told EW.

“The positive thing about N-head and other outwardly racist actions — like trying to put the Confederate f—ing flag on Texas license plates — is that it’s no longer just a gas in the air,” she continued. “It’s something you can point to. It’s something you can fight against and expose. So I see this as an opportunity that should be taken.”

All proceeds from the show will go to the NAACP. Calls to Perry’s campaign and the Texas Conference of the NAACP for comment have not been returned.