Heard on the Hill: Kids Dish Dirt on Bob Menendez

Posted November 1, 2011 at 5:57pm

Sen. Bob Menendez’s kids are making a series of adorable campaign videos in which much is learned about the New Jersey Democrat.

The first spot, released last week, was shot at the Union City, N.J., day care center where the lawmaker sent his children.

“We shot a bunch of stuff there that you will see in the next few months,” Alicia Menendez tells HOH. According to Alicia, her father, who was once a member of the Union City Board of Education and the city’s mayor, was an early supporter of the day care, which is an added connection.

Fun facts about Menendez that his children affectionately mock:

1. Eating Habits

Where does Menendez eat breakfast every day?

“IHOP,” Alicia says.

“Have you ever been to a restaurant with him that you’ve been to more than three times that he’s ordered something different?” the lawmaker’s son, Robert Menendez, asks his older sister.

“Never,” she laughs.

“Never,” he replies.

2. Singing in Public

“Have you ever been in a restaurant with him where he’s trying to sing to the waiter or waitress?” Alicia asks.


“Has he told you that nobody’s noticing and it’s OK and you shouldn’t be embarrassed?” she asks.


As an aside: HOH asked Alicia which tunes the Senator favors to serenade the wait staff.

“It depends where you are,” she tells us. “But he has a number of songs, [including] a whole patriotic set.”

3. The Senator Can Kick Some Game

“I feel like he’s, you know, like, such a serious guy,” Alicia says. “But he can also be incredibly silly like when you [Robert] had … was it Super Nintendo?”

She says her father would put them to bed, and then when they would get out of bed a few hours later, he would be playing Nintendo. He must have been pretty good because Menendez bought a Game Genie to help him finish the last level.

4. Varsity Blues

“What sport did he play in high school?” Robert asks. (Regular HOH readers, you totally know this one.)

“Bowling, which only you consider a sport,” Alicia answers with a zing.

“But does he still have his varsity jacket?” Robert, a former high school bowler, asks.

Yep. The Senator sure does.

5. If He Wasn’t a Senator, He Would …

“Star in Broadway musicals,” Alicia says.

And what, pray tell, is his favorite musical?


Of course it is.

Alicia tells HOH that her father also big-hearts “In the Heights” and “Les Misérables.”

And that’s a wrap.

Watch the video: