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With Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) calling it quits after next year, HOH will be missing an eminently quotable politician. As Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) put it in his statement about Frank’s retirement: “No one’s ever doubted for a minute what Barney Frank thinks or where he stands, and if you weren’t sure, trust me, he’d tell you.”

So here are a couple of number-type items about Frank that were always available for good HOH copy.

• Sex scandals weathered: 1

• Number of times Frank has officially come out: 2 (privately in 1978; very publicly in 1987)

• Schools at which Frank has taught: 3 (Boston University, Harvard University, University of Massachusetts — Boston)

• Number of times Frank has been dubbed the “brainiest” Member of the House by a Washingtonian poll of Congressional staffers: 4

• Presidents served: 5

• Congressional terms: 16

• Bills introduced: 714

• Heated floor spats with ideological foil North Carolina GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx (See today’s “Take 5.”): 

So HOH has to ask: Without Frank, who’s the heir apparent for being champion at pithy, withering floor statements? Let us know:

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