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A hopping Harvard University hamburger joint in Cambridge, Mass., knows just how to honor outgoing Rep. Barney Frank, the bombastic Massachusetts Democrat who announced last week he’s outta here.

Mr. Bartley’s, just across the street from Harvard Yard and packed with students Monday night, had a new edition to its famed politically themed menu. A Bye Bye Barney: The Barney Frank is a grilled hot dog topped with pineapple-jalepeño relish and served with french fries. It sells for $7.25, cheaper than the burger menu, which ranges from $10 to $13.

Our HOH spy had the Newt Gingrich — a burger with bacon and melted Boursin cheese served with sweet-potato fries. The menu description editorialized about the “marriage” between the ingredients and asked “3 times the charm?”

Other delectable items on the menu? The Michelle Obama has blue cheese and cajun seasoning because “she’s hot and spicy,” the menu explains. The Sarah Palin includes grilled onions and cheese sauce, and the John Kerry is served with swiss cheese, mushrooms and potato salad on the side.

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