Dormant Hillary Clinton Campaign Selling ‘History’

Posted December 7, 2011 at 7:17pm

Hillary Clinton’s long-dormant presidential campaign has just a few posters, buttons and T-shirts left. And to pay off the $274,000 in debt left over from her 2008 battle against Barack Obama, the campaign is asking supporters to contribute, just in time to make one of those items a stocking stuffer.

Allison Wright of the Hillary Clinton for President team told fans of the now-secretary of State that “mementos” from the Democratic National Convention, including some DVDs signed by President Bill Clinton of the speeches delivered by both Clintons, are “disappearing.” Buying the items helps pay off the last of the debt incurred when Clinton made her “historic stand,” Wright said.

She added that the “story lives on — in the history books, in our memories and in the mementos that commemorate that time.”

“Once these last items are gone, they’re gone forever,” Wright wrote in an email to the Clinton mailing list. “Make a contribution today and we’ll send you one of the last DVDs with Hillary’s and President Clinton’s convention speeches. … By making a contribution today, you will have your own personal remembrance of the ‘determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles’ — one of the last such mementos there will ever be.”