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Cubans Grill Gingrich

While the rest of the universe remains consumed with moon base relocation plans, the quaint little voting bloc known as the Cuban-American community is muy bravo with GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich’s painfully obvious pandering.

“Every candidate has always done it,” said Nancy Meinhardt, a Rick Santorum supporter and head of a Miami-based tea party group. “But Gingrich went a little further than ever before.”

Strike two happened after Gingrich tucked a still from a photo op with Radio Mambi personnel into a TV spot splashed across Univision. Brilliant move — were it not for the fact that the featured broadcasters want nothing to do with endorsing Gingrich.

The involuntarily co-opted broadcasters grumbled, Gingrich’s campaign deflected (“We did not identify anyone as a supporter,” it told Roll Call) and the Calle Ocho contingent declared, ‘¡Basta!’.

“The kind of advertising that Gingrich is doing in Miami is very, very unethical,” asserted Remedios Diaz-Oliver, a Romney supporter. “Any Cuban with brains will feel offended.”

Janie Lorber contributed to this report.

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