Connecticut Supreme Court Rules on Redistricting Map

Posted February 10, 2012 at 6:22pm

The Connecticut Supreme Court announced today that it has adopted a map for the state’s redistricting.

An independent expert known as “the special master” drew the map, according to the Associated Press.

Republicans had complained earlier this week that the special master’s plan did not adequately redraw the lines of the 5th Congressional district, according to the Associated Press, but the court rejected the GOP’s argument today.

The 5th district is considered the most competitive in the state. Currently, Rep. Christopher Murphy (D) holds the seat, but the race in the fall will be for an open seat because Murphy is running for Senate.

The state Supreme Court was tasked with redistricting after a state commission was unable to agree on a map.

The state did not lose or gain a seat in reapportionment.