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Ron Paul’s Pop Culture Echoes

Texas Rep. Ron Paul on Monday suspended actively campaigning for the GOP presidential nomination, clearing the way for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to finally grasp that brass ring to his breast and laugh maniacally.

And what does this mean? Alas, one less personality to help bring out the craziness in the body politic. Behold, just a small sampling of ridiculousness.

Tribute 1: An uncomfortable video in which a dark-haired woman named Adrienne Martino hawks her Ron Paul portraits, including one she doesn’t have a title for and one she refers to as “Rebel Yell.” She throws in a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi for good measure.

Tribute 2: Ron Paul swag, including drinking paraphernalia.

The novelty items Paul’s 2012 campaign spurred are a tribute to the free market. Our favorite? Probably the pin of a mohawked Paul. He looks just like Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper!

There is also this Ron Paul red solo cup. It’s perfect, the designers says, because it holds “about one beer,” and “you can drink and cheers from it or smash it and buy one of my other blue, pink, orange and red cups.”

Finally, this “Join, or Die” t-shirt. It seems appropriate as a tombstone for Paul’s campaign, even though he says he’ll keep trying to wrangle delegates. We should point out that most Republican primary voters didn’t join. Also, everyone will die regardless.

Tribute 3: Here is an adorable child singing goodbye. She doesn’t mention Ron Paul, but it’s just weird enough to work as the sun sets on the Paul campaign.