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Long Live Bruce Dackler

Sometimes, the Internet can be nothing more and nothing less than a hissing, writhing pit of venomous smartarses, lying in wait to pounce with bathroom humor on perfectly well-meaning people. That being said, it does make the day go faster to witness this stuff.

But, rarely has a group of n’er do wells made HOH prouder than the snarktasic World Wild Web heads who pranked the National Republican Congressional Committee’s perfectly legitimate Internet petition.

The NRCC’s “I Want Repeal” campaign — which demands the repeal of 2010’s health care reform legislation — asks supporters to sign a petition with their first name, last name and zip code. They could also include their Twitter handle!

After signing in, petitioners could kick back and watch their petitions get printed out in Internet time. It all was going along swimmingly until someone named Jiggly Puff signed the petition.

From there, all sorts of unfortunately named Americans signed the petition. People such as Turd Sniffer, Dog Intheclub, Iron Sheik, Piss Children and, of course, Weedlord Bonerhitler had their petitions printed out.

The campaign ends with the signature of a man named Bruce Dackler.

Dackler’s petition quickly gave birth to the hashtag “We are all Bruce Dackler” and, of course, many a Tumblr post.

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