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D’Souza’s DIY Obama Doc

Predicting the future is a dicey proposition. But conservative author-turned-documentarian Dinesh D’Souza is confident he’s dug deep enough into President Barack Obama’s background to speculate what could happen in his second term.

“The first time we did not know what change would look like. Now we do,” he posits in “2016: Obama’s America,” a cautionary tale predicated on scouring 44’s upbringing for clues toward his political endgame.
The self-produced and self-directed film bridges the theories advanced within D’Souza’s growing library of Obama-related research: “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” published in late 2010, and “Obama’s America,” available in August.

D’Souza’s main argument is that Obama was shaped by a cadre of devout socialists — “Obama’s Founding Fathers,” he tags them — with serious axes to grind. The roster of left-leaning mentors begins with Obama’s largely absentee father, Barack Obama Sr., and carries forward with Junior’s closest confidants through adulthood.

“There is a deep anticolonial thrust in the work of each of Obama’s founding fathers. That’s the common thread,” D’Souza said of the purported fraternity.

D’Souza accuses the group of diluting our nuclear arsenal, orchestrating the national debt crisis, abandoning the space race, stymieing domestic oil production and pursuing a plan for total taxation — a multipronged ideological assault designed to return power to those who have been historically exploited.

And finally, there’s the Pan-Islamic dream. “That’s their dream … to unify the Middle East and make it a third super power,” D’Souza tells HOH, echoing a warning about the forthcoming “United States of Islam” — a Muslim bloc stretching from Morocco to Pakistan — he presents in the film. “This is not even prophecy. It’s the next logical step.”

Former Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.), who attended a private screening in D.C., was intrigued.

“I have no way of checking his information. But if what he says is true … it should be cause for concern,” the one-time almost-Speaker tells HOH.

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