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Hey, GOP — Tampa’s Got Your Bad Decisions Covered

The commercialization of the 2012 Republican National Convention is in full swing, as evidenced by the over-the-top advertisements Tampa Tribune food scribe Jeff Houck encountered during the weekend.

Get a load of the not-so-subtle warning to those who, unlike presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, might knock back something stronger than caffeine-free Diet Coke during convention week:

DUI ad for GOP conventioneers
(Courtesy Jeff Houck)

And if there was any doubt the Tampa skin trade can’t wait to cater to all the visiting social conservatives, the Penthouse Club put that issue to bed:


Penthouse Club ad for GOP conventioneers
(Courtesy Jeff Houck)

What’s that?

You have no plans to plow through town while blind-stinking drunk or frantically paw at the scantily clad? But you also don’t happen to have a flag to wrap yourself in while touring scenic Central Florida?

Show some team spirit by sporting a tacky T-shirt that was (most likely) mass-produced by child laborers in a Third World sweatshop:

Walgreens 2012 RNC t-shirt
(Courtesy Jeff Houck)

T-minus two weeks (and counting) …