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Move Over Hershey, Ron Paul’s Got His Own Bar

Gold standard, schmold standard. Some Ron Paul supporters believe the perennial presidential candidate and fiscal firebrand is worth his weight in Belgian chocolate.

Ron Paul chocolate bar
(Courtesy Ron Paul Bars)

Mike Vandenbos told HOH it was only natural to try encapsulating his love for the Texas Republican in an ounce-plus slab of gourmet candy. “We are big fans of the good doctor and believe he is the only candidate worthy of his own chocolate bar,” he said of the Ron Paul Bar he has designed and marketed with a friend.

The commemorative chocolates ($2+ a pop) are produced by a chocolatier in Washington state using Belgian milk and dark chocolate.

Vandenbos estimates he’s sold more than 10,000 bars, including bulk orders that garnered purchasers free admission to the unofficial People Awakening and Uniting for Liberty (P.A.U.L.) Festival descending on Tampa, Fla., this weekend.

A deep discount was also offered on the site to those willing to snatch up 500+ bars and use them as “a secret weapon to persuade the Romney delegates at the RNC.” Vandenbos declined to comment on how many, if any, folks had signed on to play candyman on the convention floor, but he did note that the company had received at least one order for 1,000 bars.

And what does Rep. Paul think of the confectionary tribute?

Paul supporter posing with commemorative chocolate bar
(Courtesy Mike Vandenbos)

Vandenbos assured HOH he hand-delivered a few bars to Paul’s digs in the Cannon House Office Building.

A Paul aide confirmed the boss had nibbled a bit but stopped short of offering any kind of endorsement. “He never said what he thought but he never complained either,” the aide related of the candy sampling.

Unlike Paul himself, who is staging an official rally at University of South Florida’s Sun Dome arena Sunday afternoon, Ron Paul Bars will be present (and available for sale) at P.A.U.L. Fest.

Please drop us a line/zap over a pic ( if you spot folks chomping away on them at the GOP convention.