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Drink Like POTUS

When we tie one on during work hours, management squawks “pink slip” this and “grossly irresponsible” that. But when President Barack Obama bends the elbow, entrepreneurs hear cash registers ringing.

Such has been the case with the public’s unquenchable thirst for the specifics of 44’s home-brewing operation.

The surreptitious suds-making originally came to light in February 2011. That’s when “Obama Foodarama” watchdog Eddie Gehman Kohan uncovered that White House Honey Ale had been served at the first family’s Super Bowl party. But the real furor erupted this summer after POTUS offered a curious constituent a custom long neck during a campaign swing through Iowa.

Once word got out about the honey-based brews — White House Honey Ale, White House Honey Porter and White House Honey Blonde are all produced with the viscous glory gathered from a beehive located on the White House grounds — home brewers and beer drinkers foamed at the mouth about getting ahold of the recipe.

Now that the White House has spilled the hops about the ongoing operation, craft brewers have rolled out all manner of copycat products designed to capitalize on the epicurean zeitgeist.

Matt Richmond currently has a Kickstarter campaign to establish White House Brewing Co., a publicly supported brewery that would specialize in presidential craft brews.

“Home brewing goes as far back as George Washington in the White House. We hope to expand the line of products to include similar and historically accurate representations of what some of these early pioneers brewed,” Richmond tells HOH of the long-range plans.

Craft a Brew founder Kyle Westfall praised POTUS
for helping him reach a whole new audience. “I think it’s brought out a lot of first-time buyers,” he said of his D-I-Y White House Honey Ale kit. Westfall said the kits have become instant best-sellers, suggesting that they’re destined to become a “permanent staple in our catalog.”