Cantor Picks Up $500K from 18 Donors

Posted March 19, 2013 at 1:49pm
The Cantor Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee, reported it raised $501,009 and disbursed $76,014 during February, leaving $879,112 cash on hand. The committee raised $501,000 from 18 individuals, including six corporate CEOs in Virginia. Contributors included Randall Kirk (president and CEO, Third Security LLC, VA) $52,600; Bill Powers (CEO, The Strand Partners, VA) $52,600; Frank Sica (managing partner,Tailwind Capital, NY) $50,800; David Storch (CEO, AAR Corp., IL) $50,000; William and Alice Goodwin (he is chairman, CCA Industries, VA) $50,000; Coleman Wortham (stockbroker, VA) $40,000; Thomas Farrell (Energy president & CEO, Dominion Resources, VA) $35,000; John Luke (chairman & CEO, Mead Westvaco Corp., VA) $25,000; Thomas Gottwald (CEO, New Market Corp., VA) $20,000; and J. Theodore Linhart (chairman & CEO, Dominion Auto Group, VA) $10,000; among others.