Obama’s Dinner With the GOP, Part 2

Posted March 27, 2013 at 4:10pm

President Barack Obama will dine with a dozen Republican senators on April 10 at a dinner organized by Sen. Johnny Isakson, the Georgia lawmaker’s office and a senior administration official confirmed.

This will be the second such gathering over the course of about a month. Obama had dinner with a group of GOP senators on March 6 to talk about a wide array of issues.

“The president called Sen. Isakson to say that he thought the March 6, 2013, dinner with 12 Republican senators was productive and that he would like to have a second dinner with a different group of Republican senators to continue the discussion. Johnny has invited a cross-section of Republican senators whom he thinks would be interested in sitting down with the president to discuss our deficit, debt, sequestration, and other critical issues facing the country,” Isakson spokeswoman Lauren Culbertson said in a statement. “He believes that the only way to solve these issues and lessen the partisan gridlock that has permeated Washington is for folks on both sides of the aisle to be willing to come to the table together to find common ground.”

Isakson’s office would not immediately confirm the list of attendees.

Obama and the group of Republican senators who convened for dinner earlier this month received positive publicity for getting to the dinner table, even if for only a few hours.

Politico first reported news of the second meal.

Steven T. Dennis contributed to this report.