Michigan Beat Louisville – In Political Contributions

Posted April 9, 2013 at 12:02pm

University of Michigan political contributors beat donors from the University of Louisville by 8 to 1 in giving since January 2011.

In a brief review of federal political contributors listing each university as their employer/occupation, University of Michigan donors (who might be employed or attending) gave more than $450,000 to candidates, PACs and party committees and University of Louisville donors gave over $56,000.

We did include those who abbreviated “University” as “Univ.” Of course, there are many variations we did not search, such as those listing only “student” or some not listing anything, but the trend is clear. If you have ever seen the UofM football stadium, you know everything is big in the one-employer town of Ann Arbor. Use PoliticalMoneyLine’s 
Donor Search
 to look up any individual donor names, or donors in certain ZIP codes, or search by employer/occupation name.