Comic-Con: A Politics-Free Zone, Until Now

Posted July 18, 2013 at 12:56pm

Up until the moment that Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., steps onto the floor of the sprawling San Diego Convention Center, the 43-year-old party that is Comic-Con International will have remained an apolitical haven.

Lewis will break that seal on Saturday morning when he joins the sci-fi free-for-all to promote “March,” the new graphic novel documenting his exploits during the civil rights era.

Comic-Con aides were hard-pressed to come up with the name of a single sitting lawmaker to ever visit the entertainment smorgasbord.

Hasta la vista, self control.

The “Governator” burst back onto the scene in 2012, after he had left office, to flog the ’80’s action heroes-reviving “Expendables 2.” And he’s heading back this weekend to promote a screening of his new sci-fi buddy flick with Sly Stallone, “Escape Plan.”

Of course, not everyone is as enamored of the now nearly weeklong fantasy camp.

Video 1 – William Shatner SNL Skit “Get A Life”

If even the original James Tiberius Kirk (God love ya, Bill!) can’t manage to keep the faith, who can you trust?