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Big John Cornyn Hangs Out on Google

In describing his typical week, Sen. John Cornyn said in a Google Hangout Monday that he’s “kind of a boring guy.” Outside of work, the Texas Republican said he likes to hunt, read and exercise, but he doesn’t want constituents to think he doesn’t like his job in Senate.

That squares with the “Big John” imagery of his last campaign’s advertising, but we digress.

“If you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work,” he said.

In a session that lasted a little less than 30 minutes, Cornyn took questions from five participants and a moderator.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, answers questions on Facebook following his Google Hangout. (Courtesy Facebook)

Responding to a question from a Texas start-up entrepreneur, Cornyn said he loves technology — pointing out that it made this Hangout possible.

“I’m an Amazon nut,” he said, noting that likes that the Internet retailer recommends items for him based on past shopping history.

Cornyn continued, however, saying that data collection is a slippery slope and that it’s imperative private firms and the government receive permission in order to mine data.

“Government and businesses should not be able to invade our privacy against our will,” he said.

Cornyn also deliberated on immigration. He noted that in the Lone Star State, immigrants from other states and countries can put stress on the state’s natural resources and quality of life, but emphasized that there are positive benefits to immigration.

“We aspire to be the great melting pot,” he said.

Republicans should embrace this discussion and take up the yoke legislatively, he said, adding that the GOP could be the party of legal immigration.

After the online hangout, Cornyn took to his Facebook page to answer more questions.

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