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Financial Transactions of Rep. Bobby Rush Questioned

A Chicago-based civic organization, known for its efforts at exposing corruption and working for integrity and accountability, has raised serious questions about a U.S. Representative and his personal and professional finances.

In articles for the Better Government Association (BGA) that have appeared recently in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former Chicago Sun-Times reporter, Chuck Neubauer, and Sandy Bergo reported on “A Rush of Financial Transactions” involving the activities of Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill.

In an article in the Chicago Sun Times, the Better Government Association has raised questions about Rep. Bobby Rush’s Rebirth of Englewood Community Development Corp., which was funded with a $1 million grant from SBC to help revive the violence-plagued Chicago South Side neighborhood. A key element of the plan involved the Bobby L. Rush Center for Community Technology. Rush also helped get a $175,000 earmark for the project. Yet more than a decade later there is no technology center and the BGA said “Its unclear what happened to the money.”


The BGA also reported that his campaign committee, Citizens for Rush, paid Rush’s wife, Carolyn Rush, $404,000 as a consultant, nearly a quarter of all the campaign funds. The committee also has not reported paying any rent or reporting any contributions-in-kind for rent. The committee also gave his Beloved Community Christian Church more than $196,000 since June 2004.

In another article the BGA highlighted how Rush and two non-profits he founded “have repeatedly failed to pay federal, state or local taxes on time.” The group stated in 2013, Rush, his wife, the church the Congressman runs and another non-profit operating out of the church had delinquencies of $195,000.

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