Emily’s List Uses Section 527 Account for Big Donations

Posted January 27, 2014 at 3:12pm

The federal account of Emily’s List takes in, on average, about $1.5 million a month, but the big contributions are funneled to its operating account from its less publicly known Section 527 account, that can take in unlimited size contributions.

Emily’s List Non-Federal, the Section 527 account of Emily’s List, reported receipts of $2,843,458 and disbursements of $3,585,455 from July 1 through December 31st.

Major donors include Amy Goldman (writer, NY) $250,000; Shelley Rubin (retired, NY) $251,000; Nancy Beeuwkes (nurse, MA) $200,000; S. Donald Sussman (retired, ME) $100,000; Anne E. Delaney (retired, NY) $100,000; and Marcy Carsey (producer, Carsey-Werner Mandabach, CA) $100,000; among others.

They also received a $50,000 anonymous contribution.

During the last six months, the Section 527 account transferred $3.2 million to its federal operating account.