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Democrat Hits the Air in Top Illinois Race

Former Judge Ann Callis, a Democrat running in Illinois’ competitive 13th District, went on the air Tuesday with her first ad of the cycle.  

Callis is challenging freshman GOP Rep. Rodney Davis in this downstate district — the state’s most competitive seat . Davis won here in 2012 by one of the slimmest margins of the cycle, while President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney each received 49 percent of the district’s vote.  

The ad, which highlights Callis’ support for veterans — a bipartisan issue — will air on broadcast and cable in the Springfield market, and is backed by a $20,000 buy, according to a source tracking ad buys. The Callis campaign has already distributed the ad as an email fundraising pitch.  

“Back home and alive, it’s all we ask for but it’s not all they deserve,” Callis says in the 30-second spot. “As a judge, when I saw veterans in legal trouble, I created the state’s first veterans court to help them get treatment and get back on their feet. In Washington, I’ll always support military families, and help veterans make the transition home, not just has your congressman but as a proud army mom.”  

Callis, whom the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee touts as a top recruit , is facing physics professor George Gollin in a March 18 primary. Gollin launched a small TV buy during the Olympics, according to the same media tracking source.  

Davis faces a primary from former Miss America Erika Harold, but neither party views her challenge as a significant threat Illinois’ 13th District is rated a Tilt Republican contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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