EPA to Release Tougher Sulfur Emissions Rules

Posted March 4, 2014 at 10:54am

Boston Globe :  “The Environmental Protection Agency plans to unveil a major regulation Monday that forces oil refiners to strip out sulfur, a smog-forming pollutant linked to respiratory disease, from American gasoline blends.”  

“The EPA estimates that the new rule will dramatically reduce soot and smog in the United States, and thus rates of diseases associated with those pollutants, while slightly raising the price of both gasoline and cars. The rule will require oil refiners to install expensive equipment to clean sulfur out of gasoline and force automakers to install new, cleaner-burning engine technology.”  

“EPA officials estimate that the new regulation will raise the cost of gasoline by about two-thirds of 1 cent per gallon and add about $75 to the sticker price of cars. But oil refiners say that it will cost their industry $10 billion and raise gasoline costs by up to 9 cents per gallon.”  

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