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Unemployment Extension: How Did Your Senator Vote?

Updated 8:18 p.m. | The Senate next week will consider giving final approval to an unemployment benefits extension, thanks to a procedural vote Thursday.  

Given the wide national interest in this story,  we’re posting the full tally sheet and a breakdown of the bipartisan 65-34 vote to end a filibuster against bringing the legislation up for debate.  

The vote came 89 days after benefits expired late last year. Supporters of the bill said that as of today, 2.24 million Americans have been cut off.  

There are more hurdles to clear before the Senate can pass the bill, not to mention a wide disparity with House Republicans leadership that leaves it an open question whether the legislation would ever reach President Barack Obama’s desk.  

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Every Democrat and the two independents who caucus with Democrats voted to advance the bill, while Republicans split. Here’s the breakdown on the GOP side:  

Republicans voting to advance the bill:  

Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire  

Dan Coats of Indiana  

Susan Collins of Maine  

Bob Corker of Tennessee  

Dean Heller of Nevada  

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin  

Mark S. Kirk of Illinois  

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska  

Rob Portman of Ohio  

Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania  

(Updated: Coats, Corker, Johnson, Kirk, Portman and Toomey had voted to filibuster an extension in February , when an earlier measure came a single vote shy of ending a GOP filibuster.)  

Republicans voting against advancing the bill:  

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee  

John Barrasso of Wyoming  

Roy Blunt of Missouri  

John Boozman of Arkansas  

Richard M. Burr of North Carolina  

Saxby Chambliss of Georgia  

Tom Coburn of Oklahoma  

Thad Cochran of Mississippi  

John Cornyn of Texas  

Michael D. Crapo of Idaho  

Ted Cruz of Texas  

Michael B. Enzi of Wyoming  

Deb Fischer of Nebraska  

Jeff Flake of Arizona  

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina  

Charles E. Grassley of Iowa  

Orrin G. Hatch of Utah  

John Hoeven of North Dakota  

James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma  

Johnny Isakson of Georgia  

Mike Johanns of Nebraska  

Mike Lee of Utah  

John McCain of Arizona  

Mitch McConnell of Kentucky  

Rand Paul of Kentucky  

Jim Risch of Idaho  

Pat Roberts of Kansas  

Marco Rubio of Florida  

Tim Scott of South Carolina  

Jeff Sessions of Alabama  

Richard C. Shelby of Alabama  

John Thune of South Dakota  

David Vitter of Louisiana  

Roger Wicker of Mississippi  

Republican Jerry Moran of Kansas did not vote. (He also did not vote during the key February unemployment vote.)  

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