Poll: ‘Low Job Approval for Hagel’

Posted April 28, 2014 at 5:10am

Defense News reports that “More leaders in government, industry and academia disapprove of US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s job performance — 44.9 percent — than approve — 36.2 percent, according to a new Defense News Thought-Leader Poll.”  

“While Hagel received strong support from self-identified Democrats with 82.6 percent approving, a combination of Republican disapproval at 62.4 percent and those working in industry disapproving at 50.9 percent pushed Hagel into negative territory. Those in the military gave Hagel positive marks at 44/36 percent approval/disapproval, and Defense Department civilians were evenly split at 38.2 percent.”  

“The Defense News Thought-Leader Poll, conducted over two weeks in April, asked 245 people a dozen questions, including their opinions of the job performance of various officials and their thoughts on several components of the Pentagon’s fiscal 2015 budget request to Congress.”