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A Solution to the Fracking Problem

Michael Bloomberg and Fred Krupp take on the fracking debate.  

Pointing to a successful New York City campaign to identify and eliminate pollution from heating oil, the authors argue that fracking is “essentially a data acquisition and management problem — the kind that we know we can solve.”

“The same data-driven approach can reduce air and water pollution from shale gas drilling, by requiring operators and regulators to identify and correct hot spots. We have the technology to do this. But we can’t manage what we don’t measure.”

“Strong rules and enforcement are critical.”

“Now the Obama administration is developing a methane-reduction strategy. We’re confident the Environmental Protection Agency will recognize … that sensible rules are necessary and affordable, and will work with states to write them. And we hope that … industry leaders, elected officials and environmentalists will work together to make shale gas development safer. Doing so will not only help the industry meet reasonable pollution limits, it will help the industry regain public trust.”