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Reid Responds to Obama’s Comment on Changing Filibuster

“Does he know we already did that?” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid quipped when asked about a comment President Barack Obama made Wednesday about changing the Senate’s filibuster rule.  

Obama told a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee audience in New York that changes are needed to “how a filibuster works.” “We have made significant progress with regard to judges, tremendous progress,” Reid said. “We have ambassadors that should be all over the world. These are people who have worked hard, and finally get a chance to be an ambassador. Republicans don’t allow votes on these,” Reid said.  

Reid said there have been “conversations over the last couple of weeks” about the rules, but he didn’t sound eager to make changes beyond the new precedent set last November.  

“We’re taking a look at this, but we are doing well with the judges. It’s a shame that they’re being obstinate about all these other nominations, but we’re going to take a look at it,” Reid said.  

Separately, Sen. Christopher S. Murphy was pleased to hear that the president referred to changing the filibuster. The Connecticut Democrat has been among the most vocal advocates for taking further action — particularly after the Senate minority torpedoed a gun background check bill. “The president has seen firsthand how broken this place is, Murphy said. “I hope he’s ready to get behind … much more robust rules change. That would be a welcome addition to our cause.”

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