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When Climate Change Skeptics Take Action on Climate Change

Touching on the fracas over Sen. Marco Rubio’s recent climate change comments , James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute asks: will “the consensus GOP stance on climate change hurt its 2016 standard bearer? Maybe in that it reinforces the party’s unhelpful image as old-fashioned and out-of-touch , particularly among younger voters .”  

“But as I’ve written before, there’s nothing ‘conservative’ about making an all-or-nothing bet that the vast majority of climate scientists have the story completely wrong.”  

“Balancing risks and accounting for trade-offs also seem like a political and policy smart way to being thinking about climate change and what to do about it.”  

” … a green light given for a robust public research agenda to make advanced nuclear power more cost competitive and carbon capture feasible … and a growing number of environmentalists seem to be embracing that technology … And don’t forget about geoengineering in case those worst-case scenarios begin to play out.”