Koch Brothers’ Lobbying Dollars Dwarf Competitors in Renewable Energy Battle

Posted May 29, 2014 at 4:57am

Topeka Capital-Journal : “The latest filings posted by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission show that spending on official lobbying topped $1 million through April in the 2014 session, driven largely by a heated debate over the state’s renewable energy standards.”  

“Much of the spending on the issue came from Americans for Prosperity, whose session-long bid to repeal the standards ended with the House’s 60-63 vote on the last day of the session, May 2.”  

Amount spent by Americans for Prosperity: $386,852.75 ($382,932.90 on “mass media,” $3,495.87 on “food and beverage,” $98 on “recreation” and $325.98 on “other.”)  

On the other side of the debate, Wind Works for Kansas, spent a fraction of the AFP amount: $43,685.71