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Adam Schiff Mounts Most Grueling Endurance Challenge Yet

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Marathon enthusiast and Rep. Adam B. Schiff is switching sports this weekend to help support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. He’s scheduled to hop into the saddle Sunday for the AIDS/LifeCycle ride — a weeklong trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  

“That is gonna be a long ride,” he said of the 545-mile trek he’s hoping to power through from June 1-7.  

The California Democrat is no slouch . He’s completed endurance races staged in the District , Philadelphia , New York City and Malibu , Calif., over the past few years.  

But Schiff noted that he typically does Olympic length triathlons; the predetermined biking portions in those particular contests top out at around 25 miles.  

He’ll need to crank out around 80 miles a day to keep pace with the LifeCycle crew. And he said the longest ride he’s been on to date was the 65-miler he knocked out last weekend.  

“It felt pretty good. But it was hard,” Schiff said of the first metric century he got under his belt.  Why risk the burning quads and screaming hammies that often accompany multi-day races?  

Because he’s seen the good that the LA Gay and Lesbian Center does for the community. And after speaking at the closing ceremony in 2013 and connecting with those same folks (“the crowd was very loud and wonderful,” he shared), Schiff said he vowed to get involved if the annual event ever overlapped with a district work period.  

A wish that apparently came true much sooner than expected.  

“The training schedule has been less than ideal,” Schiff said of the scant six weeks he’s had to prepare for the long, winding road ahead. That’s meant additional time in the House gym and some outdoor pedaling whenever possible.  

Schiff’s hoping it will be enough.  

“To paraphrase Mr. T: ‘Prediction for the ride: Pain,’” he joked.  

To wit, he’ll also be facing an additional obstacle: racing on a brand new ride.  

Schiff told HOH he attempted to ship out his bike about a week ago. But a certain delivery company — whose name may or may not be emblazoned on the stadium of a PR-challenged local sports club — recently informed him that his transport of choice would be spending the weekend somewhere in the Midwest.  

He went ahead and purchased a substitute that’s already waiting for him in the Bay Area.  

So, has he got his next race already lined up? Or might the congressional Ironman slow things down a bit after rolling his way across a good chunk of the Golden State’s coast?  

“I think a weekend at the beach would be in order,” Schiff said of his tentative recovery plans.