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Obama on NATO Defense Blitz

“In Europe hoping to capitalize on the fears of a renewed Russian threat, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel pledged to defend the continent and announced $1 billion in additional military measures aimed at deterring Russia. They also pleaded with NATO members to use their bully pulpits to convince their governments to boost defense spending,” according to Defense One .  

“U.S. leaders promised that America would fulfill its obligations to protect Europe and urged other NATO members to do to the same. Obama cited the U.S. Article 5 commitment to Poland – referring to the portion of the NATO charter which states that a threat against one nation is a threat against all.”  

“The president announced he is seeking from Congress an additional $1 billion for new European security measures. The money would come from the U.S. overseas contingency operations, or OCO, an account that holds Afghanistan and global counterterrorism money considered off-books from the regular defense budget. It would pay for additional U.S. troops added to the new rotational deployments in Poland and eastern states; additional pre-positioned equipment and infrastructure improvements to accept rapid arrivals of troops, if needed; increased U.S. Navy ships in the Black and Baltic Seas; and more exercises and funds specifically for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia defenses.”