Congress: House Armed Services Committee Wants Faster Procurement Procedures

Posted February 18, 2015 at 5:05am

Dave Henry, Amarillo Globe-News director of commentary, writes: “When describing what members of the U.S. military take with them when deploying overseas, Mac Thornberry pulls his cellphone out of the pocket of his sport coat.”  

“This is better technology than the government-issued stuff,” said Thornberry, holding up what really could be a lifeline for a soldier — a cellphone.”  

“A United States congressman (the new chair of the House Armed Services Committee, by the way) says that a personal cellphone is better than what Uncle Sam sometimes provides our soldiers.”  

The piece continues: “At the top of Thornberry’s to-do list is to revamp the U.S. military’s procurement policy. And the Clarendon Republican makes a good case.”