Memo: Pentagon to Increase Wargaming in Tech Push

Posted March 2, 2015 at 5:10am

Defense News reports that “the Pentagon’s top military leadership has been given their marching orders to move out on an ambitious wargaming plan to rescue a skill set that has ‘atrophied’ in recent years, according to an internal Feb. 9 memo issued by Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work.”  

“The wargaming effort fits into an increasingly expansive, interlinked Defense Innovation Initiative (DII) spearheaded by Work and chief weapons buyer Frank Kendall to push the bureaucracy and industry to think critically about how and where the US technological advantage is slipping.”  

“The memo stressed that as part of his desire to ‘reinvigorate’ wargaming in the department, ‘effort must be made to incorporate commercial and defense industry expertise into the larger wargaming effort’ in order to ‘ensure its vitality and flexibility.'”