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Mr. Cruz? Mr. Cruz? Presidential Contenders’ Missed Votes Pile Up

Ryan Kelly/CQ Roll Call Graphic
Ryan Kelly/CQ Roll Call Graphic

At least five senators are running, or thinking about running, for president. That means absences in the Senate are piling up. Through April, Republican Ted Cruz of Texas had missed the most votes of White House hopefuls, according to a CQ Weekly analysis of senators’ attendance. He’s been present for only 74 percent of Senate votes — missing 44 roll call tallies, including on the fiscal 2016 budget resolution and the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  

Florida Republican Marco Rubio is next in line: he’s missed 32 votes for an attendance of 82 percent. Then comes South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham , who has been there for 87 percent of Senate votes this year.  

The presidential contenders who have stayed most faithful to their day jobs are Vermont independent Bernard Sanders , who has a 98 percent attendance rate, and Kentucky Republican Rand Paul , who boasts an attendance of 99 percent.  

The average attendance rate this year through April is 98 percent.  


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