We May Never Get Answers on Iran’s Past Efforts to Build a Nuke

Posted July 17, 2015 at 5:00am

Elias Groll : “During the intense negotiations to strike a nuclear deal with Iran, an important question of history hung over the talks: Would Iran be required to come clean about its alleged work in the past to develop a nuclear weapon? On Tuesday, international diplomats elaborately dodged the question.”  

“The deal artfully shunted questions about past military work onto a second agreement, signed by Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency… While Iran has to comply with a long list of restrictions on its nuclear program that have to be certified by the IAEA before sanctions are lifted, fully answering questions about past nuclear weapons work is not one of those requirements. The separate agreement between the IAEA and Iran merely requires that Iran provide answers to those questions, regardless of whether the IAEA finds them satisfactory.”