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Schumer to Oppose Iran Deal, Citing Enforcement Concerns

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), the future leader of Senate Democrats, “announced his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, repudiating President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement,” National Journal reports.  

“The announcement is a blow to the administration’s all-out effort to whip Democrats and sustain a potential veto. It’s also sure to frustrate the president, even though Schumer’s statement was well timed for minimal impact, a day after the Senate went into August recess and while Fox aired the first GOP presidential debate. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has not stated his position on the historic deal and his number two lieutenant, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, is in charge of rallying support over widespread Republican opposition.”  

“Schumer cited ‘serious weaknesses’ in the inspection regime the pact would put in place for the next 10 years and a ‘cumbersome’ process in which to issue ‘snapback’ sanctions should Iran cheat. He also expressed concern that Iran could use some of the at least $50 billion it gets in the near future on ‘harmful military and terrorist actions’ and ballistic weapons.”

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